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Holotropic Breathwork Session

In-Person and Virtual Services are both available.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • SlidingScale $90-120
  • Integrative Healing Clinic

Service Description

Holotropic Breath-work is a therapeutic breathing practice that is intended to help with emotional healing and personal growth. Holotropic Breath-work producing what we call an altered state of consciousness were an individual can access their inner healing intelligence more easily. The process involves breathing at a fast rate for minutes to hours. This changes the balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body. You are guided through the exercise by one of our trained IHC Facilitators. Music is an essential part of the technique and is incorporated into the session. After a session, you’ll be asked to creatively express your experience. You’ll be encouraged to discuss and integrate your experience with a beginner’s mind. We asked that you be curious and elaborate upon certain aspects of your experience. The goal of this technique is to help you make improvements to your physical ,spiritual, and emotional well-being.The entire process is meant to help an individual connect with their natural inner healer.

Contact Details

  • 758 Walnut Knoll Ln, Cordova, TN, USA


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