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Professional Development

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$1200 for a 3-hour course with up to 20 participants

$60.00 for each additional participant

*Special circumstances may affect pricing.

Professional Development

Professional Development trainings provide holistic approaches to embedding evidence-based holistic practices while promoting a better understanding of trauma, healing, and the therapeutic process.  Our training is for educators, social workers, therapists, child life advocates, and other professionals who work with healing on a day-to-day basis. Also, parents and the community as a whole can benefit from our training.  Training is interactive and requires active participation from participants; some will require assignments and presentations.Training is offered online or in-person at your facility.

Topics We Cover

 Equity
 Culture and Identity
 Therapeutic Presence
 Therapeutic Process
 Therapeutic Alliance/Trust
 Intro To Trauma
 The non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
 Therapeutic Setting
 The Body Keeps The Score
 The Inner Healer
 Holistic Integration
 Psychedelics and their healing power
 Adverse Childhood Experiences
 Engaging life through the lens of Emotional Literacy
and Social-emotional learning
 Engaging Youth through a Trauma Lens
 Positive Youth Development
 How Race-based Trauma Informs Student Behavior and
Learning in the Classroom-What Teachers Need to

 Social Evaluative Threat and Anger in Black Males
 Is Love Enough for White Adoptive Parents to Raise
Black Children
 White Parents Black Children: Experiencing
Transracial Adoption
 Mommy Am I Next? Fears and Concerns of White
Parents and Their Black Children
 Dying While Black
 Scientific Racism and African Americans

 The Unfinished Business of Civil Rights in America
 Misinformation and Black Mental Health: What You
Need To Know
 Black Athletes in the 21st Century
 The Need for Psychedelic Medicine in Race-based
 White Racism, White Denial in the Age of Trump

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